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AirPods Pro Community Thoughts

Community thoughts on the recent AirPods Pro announcement:

Ryan Christoffel:

One area Apple could have differentiated AirPods Pro even further is by providing new color options, but white remains the only available finish. As nice as a darker shade would be, from a marketing standpoint it’s hard to argue against maintaining the status quo with AirPods’ iconic white finish. When your product can be effortlessly recognized in public, you don’t change that.

John Gruber:

I wonder why Apple didn’t announce these last month at the iPhone event? I suppose the AirPower debacle has made them gun-shy about pre-announcing anything that isn’t ready to ship, but these were clearly very close to ready a month ago.

Dan Moren:

As someone who hasn’t invested into AirPods because of concerns about fit, I’m most interested in the “Ear Tip Fit Test” that Apple says uses an algorithm to figure out whether the ear tip you’re using is the right fit for your ear, based on the sound level in your ear versus what the drivers are actually outputting.

AirPods Pro is real, or ‘Let the press releases begin!’

With two days left in October, Apple’s first holiday product announcement has arrived. Enter the AirPods Pro.

Aside from being $50 more expensive, interchangable silicon tips, active noise cancelling, fancy sound-processing hardware, water-resistance, and—quite randomly—slightly better talk time charging rates (1 hour after 5 minutes of charging in the case versus 2 hours after 15 minutes of charging with AirPods 2) differentiate this new (however frequently leaked) option from AirPods 2.

I still wonder why they haven’t merged AirPods with Beats. Maybe the point of keeping them seperate is to preserve the minimalism of Apple’s listening devices, where the ear-hookable (affiliate link) AirPods are the “naked robotic core” (Copyright 2012, John Siracusa) to the already-ear-hooked Powerbeats Pro.

macOS Catalina release date revealed through the marketing of Arcade on Apple’s Danish website

The release date of macOS Catalina might’ve been revealed through a marketing webpage that mentions Apple Arcade.

According to Juli Clover for MacRumors, Apple’s Danish page for macOS Catalina hints at a release date of at least October 4th:

“Exceptional gameplay. Find it in the App Store from October 4,” reads the translated version of the site. No additional dates are provided on the Apple Arcade specific site, with the October 4 mention limited to the Catalina page.

Google Translate is surprisingly accurate in this case.

Apple at Work, Because of Streamlining (via 9to5Mac)

9to5Mac, Bradley Chambers (Apple @ Work: Why are IT professionals choosing Apple products when they used to ban them):

Instead of banning Apple devices, IT departments are now recommending them. […] I know that when I run Software Update on macOS, that Apple is providing any updates that I need. There are only a few configurations for Apple products, and if I have issues, I know that I’ll be able to work with Apple to diagnose and fix them.